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Peyton and Byrne


Over the last year P&B has undergone something of a evolutionary stage, more a refinement process than a rebrand.

The logotype now always appears in a roundel, and a hero grey colour has been introduced. These are supported by a background pattern and splashes of colour rather than the overall riot used previously. With new outlets in Covent Garden and Greenwhich the growth of the British bakery and café is set to continue.

Photographs courtesy of Peyton and Byrne.



Some work for the Spanish shoe brand that we haven’t previously shown. First off, an adaptation of the iconic logo for on-shoe branding, followed by a new shoebox, and finally one of a set of carrier bags for retail. It gives us great pleasure to think that every pair of shoes that leaves one of Camper’s 300 worldwide stores do so in packaging we designed.

Cream Identity


Identity and various items for club super brand Cream. 

D&AD Annual Cover design


Cover for the 1999 D&AD annual, perforated with 17107 holes to represent every piece of work entered.

David Gray Greatest Hits


Album packaging for artist’s greatest hits. 

Deconstruction Dave Clarke Archive One


Album packaging with perforated strip that must be torn away in order to access the CD inside.

The words “archive accessed were revealed when the strip was torn away.

Deconstruction Muzik Masters


Manic Street Preachers
Everything Must Go
Album campaign


Stephanie Simon | Identity programme


Stephanie Simon
Identity programme

Created from the initials of luxury jeweler Stephanie Simon, the monogram is foil blocked across a suite of materials, and also extended into a repeat pattern. Throughout the brochure, photographic images of the jewelry pieces were manipulated into abstract geometric patterns. Information and a more straightforward image of each piece appears on the back of each page.

Spiritualized | Ladies and Gentlemen... | Music packaging


Ladies and Gentlemen...
Music packaging

The pill style trays for the album 'Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space' were packed under strict pharmaceutical manufacturing conditions. Each blister contained a 3 inch CD featuring one of twelve tracks which had to be popped through foil in order to be played. 

All credits were printed onto a medicine information sheet and contained warnings on the possible side effects of listening to the band. 

The album was later reissued, and a new limited edition black version produced.

Oliver Peyton | Food from Kew | Identity programme


Oliver Peyton
Food From Kew
Identity programme

The Food From Kew programme works across cafes, restaurants and retail outlets within Kew Gardens. The identity, which works within existing guidelines, deliberately concentrates on the buildings within the grounds as opposed to the plants and trees normally associated with Kew.

Orbital | Orbital 20 | Music packaging


Orbital 20
Music packaging

Logo and cover for the duo, celebrating their 20th anniversary with a tour and a compilation album.

Harvey Nichols | Beyond Beauty | Retail identity


Harvey Nichols
Beyond Beauty 
Retail identity

Beyond Beauty is Harvey Nichol's beauty brand umbrella. We created the identity for this part of the prestigious department store that provides "everything you need to go on and under your skin".