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Some work for the Spanish shoe brand that we haven’t previously shown. First off, an adaptation of the iconic logo for on-shoe branding, followed by a new shoebox, and finally one of a set of carrier bags for retail. It gives us great pleasure to think that every pair of shoes that leaves one of Camper’s 300 worldwide stores do so in packaging we designed.

Levi Strauss Europe Levis ICD Identity


Logos for the Industrial Clothing Division of Levi Strauss Europe.

Stephanie Simon | Identity programme


Stephanie Simon
Identity programme

Created from the initials of luxury jeweler Stephanie Simon, the monogram is foil blocked across a suite of materials, and also extended into a repeat pattern. Throughout the brochure, photographic images of the jewelry pieces were manipulated into abstract geometric patterns. Information and a more straightforward image of each piece appears on the back of each page.