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Kin by John Lewis


A first glimpse of a new fashion label, Kin by John Lewis, for which we have designed the identity. It launches in store this week.
Much more on this soon.


2CV | Identity programme


Identity programme for London based research company.

Deconstruction Dave Clarke Archive One


Album packaging with perforated strip that must be torn away in order to access the CD inside.

The words “archive accessed were revealed when the strip was torn away.

Levi Strauss Europe Levis ICD Identity


Logos for the Industrial Clothing Division of Levi Strauss Europe.

Camper | Volvo Ocean Race


Volvo Ocean Race

Spanish shoe brand Camper has a rich history and a long-standing spirit of adventure, so their entry into the Volvo Ocean Race came as no surprise. Farrow were asked to be Camper's graphic partner for the race.

‘Sailing is like walking on water, leaning on the wind.’ We found everything we needed in this phrase, creating a series of undulating patterns using Camper logos to illustrate air and sea. The look of the boat is in constant flux with different patterns applied to each of the 9 sails, which are used in different combinations depending on the conditions. In partnership with Camper and Emirates Team New Zealand, we designed every graphic element of the VOR70 racing yacht.

In addition to the boat, we worked with technical apparel experts Musto to brand gear for the crew, and with architect Shigeru Ban on the branding for the race pavilion. Images of the boat were used as Camper’s global advertising campaign and the race patterns were used in stores and applied to commercial footwear and clothing.

YouTube Video Click here to watch a video about the project.