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Pet Shop Boys | Yes | Music packaging

Pet Shop Boys
Music packaging

We actually thought of this more as an identity than an album cover. The tick was obviously inspired by the album’s title ‘Yes’. Reducing the title to a symbol that encompassed the other elements the band had requested just seemed to work; it’s instant and memorable and pop. The tick is made up of eleven coloured squares, one for each track on the album. The coloured blocks continue on the inside of the package where the tick deconstructs and both merges and clashes with photographs of the band.

In addition, we also designed a highly limited edition vinyl version of the album which consisted of the album tracks split over eleven separate vinyl records, each in a coloured sleeve and housed in a smoked Perspex case. When correctly arranged the eleven album sleeves will allow you to make up your own tick, measuring some eight feet in length. This edition was nominated for the Brit Insurance Designs of the Year at London's Design Museum and included in the Best in Book section of the Creative Review Annual in 2010.